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Founders Unite

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What is Founders Unite? 

Founders Unite is an award set up by Virgin Unite to recognise and support individuals and organisations that are breaking down barriers for Black and Asian entrepreneurs and business founders from other minority ethnic communities. 

Members of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities in the UK who are starting or growing a new business face barriers when it comes to valuations, support, mentoring opportunities and access to investment.  

Despite the fact that businesses run by people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities provide outsized value to our society, contributing to the economy and serving communities with jobs and innovations that meet diverse needs, they also face outsized barriers that need to be overcome. 

What does Founders Unite do? 

Founders Unite is an award to recognise ‘systems changers’ who are working to tackle these systemic, entrenched barriers. 

It seeks to spotlight the highly impressive individuals and organisations working across the UK to address the systemic barriers facing Black people and those form Asian and other minority ethnic communities looking to start or grow a business. This could be by undertaking research or advocacy, providing business support or funding, or campaigning for policy change. 

The Founders Unite Award opened for entries in November 2022 and the winner will be announced in 2023.