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Jean Oelwang presents at a 100% Human at Work gathering

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100% Human at Work

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What is 100% Human at Work? 

100% Human at Work is a charitable initiative - incubated by The B Team and Virgin Unite - to catalyse a future of work that serves both humanity and the planet.  

100% Human at Work has brought together a network of more than 600 organisations from around the world and together they are shaping a vision for a better future of work, testing ideas, and scaling action. As identified by community members, the initiative’s five core values include: respect, equality, growth, belonging and purpose. 

Virgin Unite supports 100% Human at Work through resourcing, network building, thought leadership, and engagement with the wider Virgin Group.  

What does 100% Human at Work do?  

The 100% Human at Work community is thriving and continually growing. Each year, it hosts gatherings all over the world so network members can meet and discuss ideas and collaborations.  

At its heart, 100% Human at Work is committed to taking action and inspiring organisations to take tangible steps to shape a future of work that serves humanity. 

Lead conversation 

Working together to shape the future of work and understanding the role we can all play in making the world of work better for humanity 

Drive collaboration and innovation 

Hosting gatherings and conversations to bring the community together, to share learnings and design experiments that allow for new ideas to improve the future of work. 

Facilitate learning 

Curating a series of publications and toolkits, resources and discussion papers designed to share insights and drive action.