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Supporting the British Virgin Islands

Over the years Virgin Unite has provided support to various charitable causes and community organisations that align with our mission in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The BVI continue to be important to Virgin Unite and the Branson family, and we have recently helped establish a local non-profit, Unite BVI Foundation, of which Virgin Unite is a guarantee member.

Your donation will go to Virgin Unite’s charitable work benefitting communities in the BVI, which includes the support of Unite BVI Foundation.

Virgin Unite’s overheads are covered by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group, meaning that 100% of all donations received go to initiatives we create or support.

Donations made in USD will go to Virgin Unite USA. If you wish for your donation to be directed differently (e.g. donating USD to Virgin Unite UK) or if you wish to donate in a different currency than listed above or have any additional queries please get in touch with us here. To learn more about State Nonprofit Disclosures click here.

After all donations are completed a receipt of the donation will be sent via email.