In 2004 we founded the non-profit foundation Virgin Unite to unite people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world. Since then, together with some great partners, we have inspired and incubated a number of wonderful collaborations – like The EldersOcean UniteCarbon War Room (now merged with RMI), The B TeamCaribbean Climate Smart AcceleratorUnite BVI100% Human at Work and The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship – which have spurred much needed change in the world.

I now spend the majority of my time working with Virgin Unite to make a positive difference in the world. From supporting projects that I’m passionate about, such as being an advocate for LGBT rights, drug policy reform and giving ex-offenders a second chance to using my voice and that of the Virgin Group to shine a spotlight on issues that I believe are unacceptable, such as climate change and the death penalty.

I am incredibly proud of what Virgin Unite has achieved and thank you for your continued support of Virgin Unite. I truly believe that working together we can turn challenges into opportunities, allowing us to always push boundaries to make business and the world better.