What is Pride ’n Purpose?

Next to Virgin Limited Edition’s Private Game Reserve, Ulusaba, communities lack basic needs, such as access to clean drinking water, basic healthcare, food, childcare and job opportunities. In an effort to support local people, Virgin Unite set up Pride ’n Purpose as a not-for-profit, in partnership with Virgin Limited Edition. Its main focus is on sustainable development initiatives and improving access to food, water and health services.

Ulusaba employs almost 100 members of staff from local villages in the area. This engagement is vital because it ensures that efforts to promote conservation take everyone’s needs into account. Both Ulusaba and Pride ‘n Purpose have relationships with local tribal authorities, so they can work together to improve the area’s prosperity.

Pride ’n Purpose is also good for business. Virgin Limited Edition believes that their charity initiative is a deciding factor for guests choosing to stay at Ulusaba over neighbouring lodges. Many guests visit local communities; are inspired and generously donate.

How is Virgin Unite involved?

Pride ‘n Purpose is jointly funded by Virgin Limited Edition and Virgin Unite, which means that all running expenses are covered and 100% of donations go straight to projects.

What has Pride ‘n Purpose achieved so far?

  • Provided 5,000 people with access to clean, safe water – for drinking and watering plants, via three water boreholes, two Fun Pumps in playgrounds, 25 water storage tanks and two solar water pumps.
  • Educated 3,000 people via eight new crèches, five new classrooms, three new literacy centres, and training courses for teachers.
  • Gave 3,000 people access to a sustainable food source by planting 800 fruit trees and establishing eight permaculture vegetable gardens.
  • Supported three local entrepreneurs to create jobs.
  • 54 orphan or vulnerable children are being supported

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