Celebrate staff who show they are living your core values

In the next two weeks, we’d like to help you communicate with staff to recognise those who are living your business’ core values to the full.

What we want you to do

For Step Five, the last step, we’re going to ask you to email us an example of how you’ve celebrated staff who are the embodiment of your core values. You need to complete this by 14 October and send your example to: action@virginunite.co.uk

Taking time to celebrate staff

To show staff that the values are at the core of your business strategy, it’s helpful to recognise those who bring them to everything they do. This step is important as it makes it clear to you if:

  • Your core values are simple enough for staff to action every day as they go about their work
  • Staff really understand and believe in your values

We have some ideas below to show how you can bring your celebration to life.

You can celebrate staff by:

Nominating a ‘star of the month’ and then a shining ‘star of the year’, putting their names on display in your workspaces internally or externally
Asking employees to nominate someone else who has gone above and beyond in living your business’ core values
Showcasing values-driven employees in a newsletter, blog, social media posts or email to customers, partners or investors

You can reward staff by:

Awarding your ‘star of the month’ and ‘star of the year’ a special bonus (cash or non-cash)
Providing cash or in-kind incentives on birthdays, work anniversaries or other special occasions that employees can use to demonstrate your core values
Being creative about rewards and incentives by using company assets such as free or reduced price products or services, paid time off, even a special meal or experience with the founder or a key partner

Email us an example of how you have celebrated or rewarded your staff by 14 October to action@virginunite.co.uk. If you get stuck, you can email us at any time.

What you share with us is for our internal use to check the step has been completed and will not be published externally without your knowledge and consent.