The Branson Scholarship Programme: Liberia

Humanity United, SPARK and Virgin Unite recognise that Liberia needs all kinds of entrepreneurs to turn challenges into opportunities - The Branson Scholarship Programme is working to make this so .

Humanity United is dedicated to peace and human freedom and works wherever these ideals are challenged. The foundation collaborates with people and organisations that share its vision. One of these partner organisations is SPARK, which develops education and entrepreneurship programmes to help young people lead their societies into prosperity.

Together, Humanity United and SPARK are working with Virgin Unite and the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship South Africa on entrepreneurship in Liberia, a country emerging from one of the most brutal civil wars in recent history.Liberia has experienced increasing stability and sustained growth, but challenges remain: the infrastructure is poor and there are very few jobs. Around 85 per cent of young people are unemployed and 63 per cent live in poverty.

“Entrepreneurship is vital to job creation and economic growth and will help to underpin Liberia’s future.”

- Richard Branson

How is Virgin Unite involved?

Virgin Unite is working with Humanity United and SPARK on a two year entrepreneurship support programme via the Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, South Africa.  We’re helping budding entrepreneurs to set goals, and providing them with the training and mentoring they need to succeed.

What has this partnership achieved so far in Liberia?

  • 15 Liberian entrepreneurs have  been trained by the Branson Centre in South Africa in year one, with a further twenty being recruited for year two

  • Supporting lobbying for Special Economic Zone legislation


“These entrepreneurs are well aware of the opportunity they have to bolster business and economic development in this once volatile nation. They are equally aware of the role they can play to be a powerful catalyst for peace.”

- Randy Newcomb, President and CEO of Humanity United.

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