Richard has long been an advocate for LGBT rights about the world. 

When he was 16, he set up the Student Advisory Centre, which helped young people get the professional help they needed, anonymously. He quickly found that a lot of gay people were coming to the centre – perhaps because they felt lonely, or insecure, or hadn’t been able to tell their parents yet.

It was important to Richard that they were able to accept and embrace themselves, and in turn for others to accept and embrace them, too. He has been speaking up for gay rights ever since.

Shockingly, homosexuality is still considered a crime in a great many countries. Richard has spoken out on the Ugandan ‘anti-gay’ bill, which proposed life imprisonment for gay people. Thankfully, the constitutional court struck it down. In 2014, Richard gratefully received an OUTstanding Ally award for his work promoting awareness of LGBT issues across the business world.

I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to create an environment where all people can thrive.

- Richard Branson