What is the Eve Branson Foundation?

Founded and led by Richard’s mum, Eve, the Eve Branson Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of women and young girls in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. 

Eve established three craft centres where young people who have left secondary education can participate in training programmes and access tools and resources to learn artisan skills such as woodworking, tailoring and weaving. Participants create handmade marketable gifts to sell to visitors, generating a small income for themselves and their families. Eve also personally spearheaded grassroots community initiatives that aim to promote healthcare, tackle environmental issues and improve access to education.

For life-enhancing projects like these to continue, the Eve Branson Foundation relies heavily on donations – no matter how small, every contribution goes directly to the frontline to fund core programmes.

How is Virgin Unite involved?

The Eve Branson Foundation is a grantee of Virgin Unite.

What has the Eve Branson Foundation achieved so far?

  • Provided 75 girls and young women with skills in embroidery, tailoring and rug-making.
  • Trained 6 young women in ancient weaving techniques to produce high quality fabrics.
  • Trained 8 young men in carpentry skills to produce handcarved, marketable goods.
  • Taught 16 girls and women how to hold basic English conversation.
  • Improved the confidence and communication skills of eight girls aged 15 to 18.
  • Improved the self-esteem, commercial understanding and economic independence of 10 girls aged over 18.
  • Employed two full-time teachers and a gardener to run and maintain centre programmes.
  • Helped one woman to secure a permanent work contract with Kasbah Tamadot in housekeeping services 
  • Trained one woman to manage the Berber boutique, where she sells products made in the foundation’s crafthouses.
  • Employed the bread-making and traditional tea services of two local women at Kasbah Tamadot.
  • Constructed two water wells for remote villages.
  • Co-funded infrastructure improvements at the nearby crèches, primary school and boarding house for girls.
  • Treated over 2,000 children’s teeth with fluoride and extractions in partnership with the Dental Mavericks.
  • Spearheaded the Big Litter campaign, providing regular litter collection and education.

Eve’s vision was for these unique Berber communities to thrive for future generations.