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Galactic Unite

Galactic Unite is Virgin Galactic’s outreach initiative born out of a unique collaboration between the Future Astronaut community and Virgin Unite, the independent entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group and the Branson family.

Together we seek to drive positive change for young people by channeling our collective energy and resources – working to ensure that future generations are equipped to apply the space perspective to Earth’s greatest challenges.

Galactic Unite offers both practical support and a planetary perspective to the engineers of the future. It harnesses the power of space to support, educate and inspire young people to pursue an education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Where will my money go?

Your donation will go directly to Galactic Unite’s development and delivery of programs that support, educate and inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators that will power the emerging space industry and solve global challenges. If for any reason we cannot use the funds for this purpose, or there are surplus funds, we will use the money to support the other important work of Galactic Unite. Please note that, if you choose to donate to Virgin Unite and request that your donation is used to benefit projects of Galactic Unite, Virgin Unite and its trustees retain ultimate discretion over the donation and control as to which specific Galactic Unite project those funds are used to support.

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Galactic Unite

Donations made in USD will go to Virgin Unite USA. If you wish for your donation to be directed differently (e.g. donating USD to Virgin Unite UK) or if you wish to donate in a different currency than listed above or have any additional queries please get in touch with us here. To learn more about State Nonprofit Disclosures click here.

After all donations are completed a receipt of the donation will be sent via email.